Wire Transfers, Credit Card, PayPal, Check, or Money Order.

Wire Transfers

Available to all QwikEscrow™ Transactions.

  • Bank account information for wire transfers shall be provided by our agent in charge of your transaction.
  • We shall collaborate with our partner companies to receive payment for International Transactions.
  • Note: Please be advised that for international wires, your bank may require and charge you for the use of an intermediary bank. You should contact your bank and inquire about the possibility of any additional transfer fees.
  • A copy of the wire transfer receipt, shall be needed for payment confirmation.

Credit Card & PayPal

Available on a limited basis.

  • We currently accept American Express, Master Card, Visa, and PayPal.
  • PayPal payment is available when both Buyer and Seller are U.S. residents and merchandise can be shipped to a PayPal "confirmed" address.
  • Credit card and PayPal payments are protected via SSL to encrypt your information when you send it to us.
  • Credit card and PayPal payments are subject to an additional Express Deposit Fee of 1.05%, have a maximum allowable amount of $1,000.00, and are subject to QwikEscrow™ approval.
  • Credit card and PayPal are NOT available if neither party has completed a transaction before.
  • Credit card and PayPal are NOT available for Vehicle Transactions or Milestone Transactions.


Available for all transactions.

  • We currently accept BTC, ETC, Litecoins and other Cryptocurrencies.
  • Payment is available for all international and US shipments.
  • Payment will be concluded, verified and confirmed by blockchain technology.

Western Union

Available on all transactions.

  • Western Union payment is available for amounts up to $10,000
  • Western Union payment is payable directly to the QwikEscrow™ agent, in charge of your transaction.
  • The receiver information of the transfer has to be name of your transaction agent not QwikEscrow™
  • Western Union receipts must be sent to us, for verification, confirmation and record purposes.

Check or Money Order

Available on a limited basis.

  • Please make your check or money order payable to Internet Escrow Services and include the escrow transaction number with the payment.
  • Money order and check payments are only accepted when drawn on a US bank, have a limit of $2000, and are subject to a 10 business day hold (with the exception of U.S. Postal money orders). Sorry, we do not accept checks drawn on a credit card.